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Lets put the Oooooh, to Ozone -

O3 IV Therapy and UBL Therapy

IV Ozone 03 (MAH) + Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

IV Ozone combined with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) acts as non-specific, immune-modulating IV therapy


IV Ozone-UBI is a treatment technique that utilizes two oxidative treatments: MAHT (Major Auto Hemoglobin Therapy) and ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI).


Ozone activates the immune system and stimulates oxygen metabolism in cells, supporting all diseases that involve inflammation.


Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) This therapy involves exposing your blood to ultraviolet light, which can heighten the body's immune system response, as well as help kill infections and eradicate the bacteria and viruses in your bloodstream.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) has been extensively used in the treatment of many diseases including:

Septicemia                 Pneumonia                 Tuberculosis

Arthritis                  Asthma                    Poliomyelitis.

The process of exposing blood to ultraviolet light rays creates an immune-modulating response. This stimulates the immune system to destroy any and all pathogens to include viral, bacterial, or fungal.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy:

•  Increase oxygenation of the tissues & cells

•  Burns calories

•  Stimulate Immune System

•  Increase the White Blood Cells

•  Increase circulation & oxygen in the body

•  Boost the immune system

•  Fights viruses

•  Increases elasticity of red blood cells

•  Increase tumor necrosis factor by up to 500 times

•  Removes accumulated toxins such as pesticides, drug     residues, and other environmental wastes

•  Produces anti-cancer substances

•  Kills bad bacteria

•  Breaks down arterial plaque

Benefits of Ozone combined with UBI support any of the following conditions:

•  Back Injuries

•  Cancer

•  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

•  Diabetic ulcers and venous stasis

•  Allergies & chronic sinusitis

•  Lyme Disease

•  Arthritis

•  Fibromyalgia

•  Alzheimer’s & dementia

•  Autoimmune diseases

•  Colitis and Crohn’s

•  Tinnitus

•  Meniscal tears and joint disorders

•  Vaginal infections

•  Shingles and Herpes Simplex

•  Candidiasis




Bleeding disorders

Sulfa Allergies

Ozone Pricing:


IV Ozone-UBI

Recommended Package of 10 IV Ozone-UBI 

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