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To have relief from suffering is priceless. My name is Steven and I’m a 40-year-old Combat Veteran who served in the 10th Mountain Division. I have severe PTSD and major depressive disorder which greatly affects my role as a father and husband. I took the chance at Ketamine treatment after numerous PTSD inpatient treatment programs, medications, and intensive outpatient programs. These programs had subtle effects over the last 12 years. My initial Ketamine treatment left me excited about the potential for a better life. Could I find joy again? I experienced relief from symptoms that have lasted. I’m hopeful for the first time in 12 years. It’s worth it.


Combat Veteran

10th Mountain Division



Two weeks ago, I was a fractured human being. I was at constant war and I suffered the greatest casualties at my own hands. Although newly married, I could not sleep in the same bed as my husband. Sleep evaded me. Night terrors, panic attacks, and a greatly exaggerated startle response ruled every conscious and subconscious part of me. I went to a concert the night before my first treatment. I kept scanning the crowd. I could tell others felt Joy but I could not. In two weeks I have unburdened two decades of trauma. Because of my treatments, I have opened my eyes again. I am alive! I can hear my voice! I know how I am, what I am, where I am, and why I am. I have complete confidence in myself and a loving universe. I have been able to give thanks and forgiveness to myself and to others. I drove myself somewhere for the first time in a year. I smile and laugh. I go to the beach and sing. I understand that circumstances are not curses. I carry no more burdens. Everyone deserves to be this free and to break the chains from our hearts and souls. You are already here, which demonstrates that you are a brave and courageous soul. You unequivocally survived, now is your time to thrive.


Ketamine has changed my life! Eternally grateful.





All these things I received at your beautiful treatment facility. It was worth the wait for your doors to open. I contemplated IV KETAMINE TREATMENTS for a long time. Diagnosed with RSD/CRPS over 10 years ago I have tried a lot of medications and modalities to decrease my pain. Nothing has been more effective in reducing my nerve pain than the ketamine treatments that I received with Sonia. I have cut my narcotic needs in half already and hope to continue to decrease my dosage even more in weeks to come. My brain/head is much more focused and clearer and my mood is stabilized. I didn't realize how much the disease and medications were muddying my thinking and depressing my mood until after the second treatment. I am a different and happier person (just ask my family). I always feel like the staff is there for me 100%. Treatment is uniquely customized to MY needs, not a "cookie-cutter" protocol spelled out in a book. It is a safe and very comfortable space to find Wellness and Healing. I would recommend KETAMINE HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTER to anyone suffering from pain or depression. I've gotten my life back. I am thankful and grateful Sonia and her staff had the vision to open this place in our community.


R.N. (retired)